Your team is critical to your success.

A team is a group of people who are on the same side, pulling in the same direction to accomplish something greater than they could achieve individually. But how do you get a group of individuals with unique personalities and competing needs to pull together in the same direction?

If your team isn’t performing, nothing gets done. And most problems on a team aren’t technical problems or even a lack of resources. They’re people problems. People aren’t getting along, they’re pulling in different directions, there’s a lack of clarity about roles and responsibilities. People don’t know where they’re supposed to be going or what’s most important.

Are you kicking off a project and need a team to come together quickly and be productive from the jump?

Is your team in a rut? Does it need to be inspired again?

Or is  your team coming apart at the seams and need an intervention to clear the air, come together and get back on track?

Time and resources are at a premium. Can you really afford to take everyone away from their work and bring them together for a meeting that doesn’t produce results? Can you really afford not to bring your people together and help them to be as productive as they can be?

I can help you clarify your goals for your team or assess your team to identify blocks to performance.

I can help you design and facilitate a team event that will actually improve the performance of your team, not just be a welcome break from the daily grind.

I facilitate:

  • Kickoff meetings to launch new projects
  • Manager transition meetings to help you get up to speed quickly with a new team
  • Team buildings, strategy sessions, or one-day agendaless meetings to help your team get unstuck
  • Interventions with teammates who have trouble working well together

The Agendaless Meeting

Maybe you think your team is just fine. When was the last time you talked to the people on your team and asked them how things were going?

Better yet, invest in a One Day Agendaless Meeting and find out what’s really going on with your team. I’ll facilitate a meeting where everyone shows up and creates the agenda on the spot. We’ll address the most important items first and work them one by one. You’ll be surprised by what your team brings up and how productive you can be. In. Just. One. Day.

Why wait? Get in touch now.

“…I hired him to plan and moderate large team meetings and lead team building sessions that included more than 50 people. SAP is a challenging environment: employees come from multiple cultures and backgrounds and are extremely demanding and critical. Robert consistently scored the highest satisfaction results with the team and was admired by all participants for his natural leadership ability and his aptitude to combine fundamental learning with fun. My team always left these events with high energy and a strong sense of time well spent—a rare sentiment in the SAP environment.”

Ori Inbar