Let’s get right to the point.

Whether you’re preparing for a keynote, analyst presentation, IPO roadshow, or earnings call, I’ll help you craft a more compelling presentation and polish your delivery skills.

Most presentations suck.


For some reason, a lot of presentations go on and on about things that aren’t important. I call it sanding wood. It usually happens when someone doesn’t really know what they want to say. You know, they keep talking around the subject without getting to the point.

Instead, hammer nails. Make your point and move on.

How to hammer nails. (Or, 5 keys to great content.)

There’s more to a great presentation than these five keys, but not much. If you’ve got these working for you, you’re off to a great start. Use these five as a checklist.


Is your presentation clear so it is easily understood, or is your presentation confusing or obscure?


Are you talking only about those things that are important to your audience, and do the most important things get the right emphasis?


Are you getting to the point or is your presentation full of distracting details?


Is the presentation consistent (e.g., fonts, colors, writing style, language, etc.)?


Does your presentation reflect your personality, make a personal connection, tell a story, have any life or lightness to it?

I’ve coached hundreds of people to be more confident and articulate when they present. Some coaches will show you videos of famous people and encourage you to present like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. But you don’t have to be like them. In fact, very few people can.

You just have to be yourself. Only better.

You have to play to your natural strengths and minimize your weaknesses, those few things you do that distract from your message. The rest is learning some basic skills, like the five keys, that help you get your message across.

I’ll help you find the authentic presenter within and…

  • Manage stage fright so you actually enjoy presenting
  • Hone your presentation skills with delivery coaching
  • Craft your story and polish your content
  • Create your slide deck
  • Prepare for any presentation, including keynotes, analyst presentations, IPO roadshows, and earnings calls

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“Robert worked with our exec management team at AVG while we were going through our IPO. He managed to make really amazing positive changes in both the quality as well as the content of our IPO roadshow, it was truly amazing. Robert’s creativity and passion were really a driving force behind our success, as were his words of wisdom and encouragement.”

Siobhan MacDermott