You’re unique.

You have a vision of the future you want to create.

To start a new company.

To take your company—or your career—to the next level.

To take your company public.

My name is Robert Ellis.

I work with leaders—from startup entrepreneurs to C-level executives—who have bold visions and who play for high stakes.

I’ve been doing it for over 20 years.

I’ve worked with numerous clients, ranging from smaller companies and startups to many of the Fortune 500, including 3i Group, Apple, AVG, Deutsche Bank, GE, Robert Mondavi Winery, Oracle, SAP, and Charles Schwab.

Hundreds of clients. Each one unique. Each requiring a slightly different approach.

Bespoke services.

I tailor my services to your needs. No pre-packaged coaching programs. No off-the-shelf training programs. Nothing prefab, just an extensive toolkit.

I won’t measure you against a list of formulaic leadership attributes or tell you to speak like Obama. Your challenges are unique and you have to be authentic as you rise to meet them. I’ll help you draw on your natural strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and stretch yourself by learning new skills.

I’m a screw tapper. I look for small changes that have big leverage. If you can change one or two things that really matter, suddenly the future looks very different.

I think of myself as a besider. I’m not an insider, so I won’t get caught up in your internal politics or groupthink. And I’m not an outsider. I’ll learn as much as I can about you, your company, and the challenges you face. I’ll understand you and your situation.

I focus on three areas that I think are critical to success: being an effective leader and strategic thinker, getting the best from your team, and presenting your ideas effectively.

I’m a presentation skills coach who will help you be a better leader. A strategic thinking partner who’ll help you get the best from your team. A facilitator who’ll help you craft compelling stories and deliver persuasive presentations.

Here’s how I help:

Executive Coaching

  • Support you as a leader, be a thinking partner, help you clarify your vision, achieve your goals, make decisions, solve problems, and deal more effectively with change
  • Address performance issues and blind spots that may be holding you back
  • Build skills to help you be more effective in your current position, or prepare you for a future position, including leadership, presentation, sales, people management, and problem solving skills

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  • Kickoff meetings to launch a new project
  • Manager transition meetings to help you get up to speed quickly with a new team
  • Team buildings, strategy sessions, or one-day agendaless meetings to help your team get unstuck
  • Interventions with teammates who have trouble working well together

Learn more about teams.


  • Manage stage fright so you actually enjoy presenting
  • Hone your presentation skills with delivery coaching
  • Craft your story and polish your content
  • Create your slide deck
  • Prepare for any presentation, including keynotes, analyst presentations, IPO roadshows, and earnings calls

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“Robert is an experienced and insightful executive coach. One that takes a different approach to coaching, one tailored to individuals and their unique needs…”

JR Smith